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NYC Teen Tormented Because His Name Is ‘Osama’

2007 - 06 - 13

NYC Teen Tormented Because His Name Is ‘Osama’
NEW YORK The family of a Staten Island teen who says he was constantly harassed in school by his teachers because his name is “Osama” is suing the school system after they say school officials never did anything to prevent the harassment.

His name is — or was — Osama Al-Najjar. Ever since his suicide attempt, he’s called himself “Sam.” His story begins two years ago at Tottenville High School.


‘I took a picture of Tower Bridge and was arrested for terrorism’

2007 - 06 - 06

‘I took a picture of Tower Bridge and was arrested for terrorism’
A chilling glimpse of ‘stop and search’ Britain

Government ministers and police chiefs are demanding new powers to allow the police to stop and search people in the streets if they suspect them of terrorism. These powers echo the notorious “sus laws” of the 1970s.

Then the laws created an atmosphere of fear as police targeted young black men. Those laws were abandoned after widespread rioting in the early 1980s.

A glimpse of what these new laws would mean was shown last week when two foreign students were arrested for “terrorism” after taking snapshots of Tower Bridge.

Attention Lunatic Atheists on Flickr

2007 - 05 - 19

Attention Lunatic Atheists on Flickr

Chinese Community Rallies Behind Student Removed From Clements

2007 - 05 - 10

Chinese Community Rallies Behind Student Removed From Clements
Richard Chen, president of the Fort Bend Chinese-American Voters League and a acquaintance of the boy’s family, said he is a talented student who enjoys computer games and learned how to create maps (also sometimes known as “mods”), which provide new environments in which games may be played.

The map the boy designed mimicked Clements High School. And, sources said, it was uploaded either to the boy’s home computer or to a computer server where he and his friends could access and play on it. Two parents apparently learned from their children about the existence of the game, and complained to FBISD administrators, who investigated.

“They arrested him,” Chen said of FBISD police, “and also went to the house to search.” The Lin family consented to the search, and a hammer was found in the boy’s room, which he used to fix his bed, because it wasn’t in good shape, Chen said. He indicated police seized the hammer as a potential weapon.

“They decided he was a terroristic threat,” said one source close to the district’s investigation.