Record payout for bullying victim

Record payout for bullying victim
Benjamin Cox, now 18, was teased from the age of five by an older student at his public school, leaving him suffering a range of psychiatric problems and robbing him of his adolescence, the New South Wales Supreme Court was told.

Judge Carolyn Simpson on Monday ruled the school had “grossly failed” its duty of care to Cox, and she ordered the state to award him more than A$213,000 in damages, as well as weekly earnings for life in a payout set to top A$1 million.

The court was told Cox was regularly teased by an older bully and was beaten, and on one occasion, the bully tried to strangle Cox, who fell to the ground unconscious.

His mother, Angela Cox, reported the bullying to the police and to the school, where one teacher said the such incidents were character building, prompting the bully to make a death threat against Cox.


2 Responses to “Record payout for bullying victim”

  1. Hakim Abdullah Says:

    Character Building in American Schools

    As a parent what concern is at the forefront of your mind most? For my wife and I it is education, as time moves on I see that education is hands down the most important issue when discussing our children and their future. However, when I say education…

  2. M Bowes Says:

    Good luck with the rest of your life Benjamin for it will never be what it could have had you not been subject to bullying and the head in the sand response to it by your school.
    My son was also bullied and harrassed by a boy (and his extended bully circle) and I was told by a teacher that boys will be boys – had it been her child I doublt she would not have felt the same. It has changed my son and even though he is a good student academically emotionally there are scars which will never heal.
    It wasn’t until a new principal started that anything was done about the bullying – she was fantastic. Unfortunately it was the last month of primary school for my son but she made sure it was a good one.

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